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The gondola is the symbol of the most romantic city in the world.


The gondola has always been associated with the life and people of Venice, and with special occasions such as weddings or romantic and evocative anniversaries. The boat was meticulously designed according to tradition and given a luxury finish. The “Wedding Gondola” is embellished with decorations that are engraved by hand and finished in gold. The bride and groom make themselves comfortable on a plush Damask seat and, for the occasion, the gondoliers wear their characteristic white and gold livery, the historic costume of the “Gondolier de Casàda”.


Royal Gondola will make you live the dream of a perfect wedding or anniversary, planned down to the last detail, on a boat adorned in keeping with age-old Venetian traditions,  ensuring the class and magnificence that such moments deserve.

The boat is also available to anyone who wishes to make a special occasion truly unforgettable.



The intricate network of canals that has been home to this beautiful boat over the centuries follows courses quite unlike those of the roads of the city. Living the city on the Gondola is like experiencing a different Venice, where you can explore hidden and charming corners of the city and enjoy a unique, intimate and delightfully poetic experience.




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Tramontin Gondole

The shipyard "squero", where the gondola was built.


Paolo Brandolisio

Manufacturer of rowlocks and oars


El Felze

 Association of artisans that contribute to built the gondola


Fioreria Popy

florist and laboratory in the historic center

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+39 339 8548656



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The Royal Gondola was built by Tramontin & Sons, the oldest “squero” (small-scale shipyard) in Venice that once worked for the Royal House of Savoy.


The class and elegance of this Gondola was achieved through a painstaking attention to detail. Each particular adds to the value and beauty of the boat and bestows it with a regal appearance.


All the wooden parts are original and date back to the 1920s when they belonged to a noble family of Venice and were engraved by one of the best renowned Venetian craftsmen of the time, Mr Barassutti, who specialised in bas reliefs and Gondolas.


The “cimier” and “pusioi” were modified by the master craftsman Ennio Defina and all the surfaces of these true works of art, with a 24-carat gold finish, were refurbished about ten years ago.


The elegance of the Royal Gondola can make your wedding in Venice all that more special.


September 5th,  2002